drop 01
pause - exhale

Designed for movement and for reconnecting with nature.

drop 01
for the urban explorer

In a society where speed and stress have taken over, people take less and less time to adventure and connect with nature. let’s change that.

The inhale-pause-exhale drop is designed with an invitation to move. Movement in whatever scenery our lives have to offer. Nothing in the design is left for coincidence, and every cut and pocket, trim and loop in the garments have been designed with a purpose.

The drop aims to be the perfect hybrid design between top performance, multifunctionality and style. Fabrics, features and functionality in the design makes you effortlessly comfortable in whatever the weather or landscape throws at you.

All fabrics are produced in Switzerland at Schöeller Textile and all garments have the highest possible sustainability certification BLUESIGN. Our fabrics are made from recycled fibres and the production is as environmentally friendly and carbon neutral as possible.

a circular way to play
the aeonian deposit system