the story behind
the brand

[e-o-ni-an] [ee-oh-nee-uhn]
Means everlasting

all-terrain adventure apparel

urban tech apparel built for all adventures

In a society where speed and stress have taken over, people take less and less time to adventure and connect with nature. Let’s change that. We want you to reconnect with the great outdoors and make adventure your raison d´être.

aeonian is a multifunctional tech apparel brand for the urban adventurer who wants uncompromising, functional design for all terrains. All aeonian garments are designed for optimal versatility and made from innovative and highly technical materials developed at the most advanced textile labs in the world.

Our passion for adventure, new technologies and craftsmanship drives us to create progressive all-terrain apparel to enable you to freely enjoy yourself in the great outdoors.

Line & Nicolai
meet the founders

Line has spent the last decade in fast fashion, spearheading supply chain improvements and efficiency at one of the leading fast fashion companies in the world. The task was to ensure millions of ever changing fashion items were never out of stock. Nicolai spent half his life building brands and working in the advertising industry creating ever greater demands and cravings for products the world did not really need. In 2020 we took a good hard look in the mirror and decided to create a company based on a philosophy of design for the common good, and see if a bold idea could actually make the world a little better.

circular by design

move beyond zero

aeonian is designed in Denmark and consciously produced in Europe. Our design philosophy is based on the belief that in order for our planet to not just survive, but to thrive, we all need to buy less, buy better and use what we own more. We put circular thinking at the centre of everything. That means we move beyond zero (and give back more than we take) to improve quality of life and reduce the negative impact of modern living. 

embark on adventures that fills your soul with joy

find your ikigai

Ikigai is about finding joy in life through purpose. Possessing a sense of purpose by engaging in activities that make you happy, activities you love and are good at. Ikigai also teaches the art of slow living, being in the present, spending time outdoors with people you love, eating healthy, living small and in close contact with nature. 

aeonian is founded on the notion of adventure, no mattersize. From the everyday micro adventure of setting up camp in the back yard, to the bucket list adventure of hiking in the Amazones or skiing fresh powder in Hokkaido Japan. 

Life should be considered a gift, and we need to live a life with purpose, direction and happiness. We want aeonian to inspire people to live life to the fullest in respect of people and planet. We want modern man to return to nature and embark on adventures that inspire and fill your soul with joy.

a circular way to play
the aeonian deposit system