deposit system

At aeonian we have a clear ambition of moving beyond zero, by giving more back to society and the environment than we take. We operate for the general common good of people and planet by producing the world’s most versatile and circular outdoor apparel.

The textile industry is one of the major contributors to destroying our natural environment. This needs to stop and we need to change how we do things radically by moving from a linear business model to a circular one. This means changing the way we design, manufacture, sell and prolong the life of our garments by using them more. This again means commitment to producing better quality built to last.

aeonian is the first outdoor brand in the world with a design philosophy of maximum versatility, high functional garments and with a design you want to use both in the natural and urban environment. Our designs aim for 5,000 use-days for every piece of garment we make. It all comes down to producing less, producing better, and use the products and materials longer.

the aeonian deposit system

When you buy a garment from aeonian, you automatically pay a deposit for it. So if you want to change it for something else in our webshop, you ship your garment back to us for free, and we will automatically transfer your deposit as a voucher to our webshop. We then sell your used garment in our pre-loved shop online with a deposit again.
Because of the quality of our garments, we expect them to have at least three loops of life, before we donate it to Sheltersuit. Here our garments are sewn into sleeping bags for the people who did not choose to be outdoors themselves - the homeless.

So when you buy an aeonian product, you enter our closed loop system. Since we make all our products based on orders, we ensure we will never produce a single piece of garment the world does not need. This means we will never have a stock of clothes produced in the wrong colours, sizes or style.

everlasting garments

this is how it works

You simply send us an email to deposit@aeonianapparel.com and we get the process started. 

The deposit make up 20% of your purchase, which we will refund to you as a voucher for our webshop, so you can trade in your garments that you have adventured-out during your time as owner.  

At aeonian we have specialists who will inspect the returned garments carefully, make repairs if necessary and re-weatherproof the garment back into perfect condition for the next owner of this pre-loved item.