a circular
business model

We put circular thinking at the centre of everything.

buy better, buy less, use more, give back.

At aeonian we believe in a world where overconsumption is replaced by a more circular way to play. We believe in offering premium and long-lasting garments built for all terrains and all conditions.

Our business model is based on a closed loop principle. If you don’t need it - don’t buy it. But if you do - use it diligently and if you no longer find a use for it, send it back to us so we can revitalise and extend the life of the garment. 

we consciously produce

Our number one rule for making clothes - design everything to last. 

We work hard to source materials that can resist everything nature could possibly throw at it and go to great lengths to make sure every seam, pocket, and detail is well thought through.  

All our garments are made from premium, eco-certified materials. That means 100% of all fabrics we use are recycled, recyclable, renewable, biodegradable or bluesign certified. And the partners we intrust to consciously craft aeonian garments are certified factories based in europe. Check out our partner-factories [here]

Together with Schoeller Textiles we have invested in an outstanding fabric technology called c_change.  

Together with Schoeller Textiles we have invested in an outstanding fabric technology called c_change.  

we are circular by design

An aeonian garment is made to be everlasting. But, nothing is more unpredictable than life itself, and sometimes a garment will grow too far out of you. This is where our deposit system comes to the rescue - designed to prolong the life of each garment we produce. 

This is how it works…

When you buy an aeonian garment, you automatically pay a deposit. So when you don’t need it anymore, you ship it back to us for free. And your deposit is transferred back to you as a voucher to our shop. 

We then get your used garment ready for our ‘pre-worn’ shop - with a new deposit. When we finally receive a garment beyond repair, we send it for up-cycling or charity with one of our supported projects. 

When we say circular is our core mission we don’t mean that circular is nice to have - we mean it’s the only we we do business. 

We do this by producing less, producing better, making sure our products last longer, and to always give back more than we take.

the desposit system giving aeonian garments a new life.

we make the future happen
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